Stéphane Latour, CIP, FPT, CFEI, CMI

Claims Adjuster

Phone: 514 846-6667 ext. 234


Stephane began his career in damage insurance in 1996 as a road claims adjuster for the firm Cunningham Lindsey. Inhabited by an insatiable curiosity that drives an inextinguishable thirst for knowledge, Stephane has taken numerous training courses making him a precious multidisciplinary resource. In fact, in addition to his claims adjuster certificate, he also acts as fire prevention technician (FPT) and CFEI fire investigator.

It was in 2020 that Stephane joined our firm as director of regions development & cause search.
We are very happy to have Stephane in our group. His skills and talents will help our company reach new heights.

Areas of expertise

  • Residential and commercial property insurance
  • Investigation for cause fire, water and fraud
  • Investigation for liability claims


  • In the insurance business since 1996

Spoken and written languages

  • French


  • CIP from Insurance institute of Canada
  • College certificate in building inspections
  • College certificate in building mechanic
  • College certificate in fire prevention
  • Training course NAFI fire investigation C.F.E.I.
  • Various seminars in insurance and building inspections